The Music Tag

Hey friends!

I got nominated to do this tag by Jennie way back in September(!) and I planned to do it for the longest time, but just kept putting it off. I have a little bit of free time in between summer school assignments so I’ve decided to finally get around to it. 🙂

On a related note, I also got nominated to do a similar music tag by Selfie, but I can’t find her blog or the original post. Does anyone know what happened to her? Just curious.

  1. Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by? To be honest, I don’t really buy music anymore (I use Spotify Premium), but I feel like its probably between One Direction and Justin Bieber. I used to be obsessed with them!
  2. What was the last song you listened to? I’m currently listening to to Nights With You by MØ.
  3. What’s in your CD player right now? I don’t own a CD player.
  4. What was the last show you attended? Its been a while since I’ve attended a show… Probably Oh Wonder last September?
  5. What was the greatest show you’ve been to? One Direction’s WWA tour back in 2014! We got the tickets the day of the show and ended up being in row 3. We were so close to the stage and I got amazing videos of 4/5 of the boys.
  6. What was the worst show you’ve ever been to? I don’t think I’ve ever been to any bad gigs. It would probably be either Oh Wonder (but that’s only because I had to leave early, like in the middle of their set) or The 1975, because of the rude girls around me and the strong scent of weed.
  7. What is the most musically involved you have ever been? I sing, I know very basic piano notes, and I play the ukulele.
  8. What show are you looking forward to? Khalid is playing a free gig near me tomorrow, but my friends and I are still figuring out how to get to the venue. I’m looking forward to it even though I don’t know if I can go or not.
  9. What is your favorite band shirt? Out of all the ones I own, I like my 1975 one the most because its pretty fashionable and doesn’t have their faces plastered all over the front.
  10. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day? Harry Styles, without a doubt.
  11. Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback? One Direction! Its been a while since they’ve released music and my inner boyband-obsessed self is going through withdrawals.
  12. Who is one band/ artist you’ve never seen live but always wanted to? LANY or Khalid (hopefully that’ll change tomorrow)!
  13. Name four or more flawless albums. American Teen by Khalid, 1989 by Taylor Swift (her music is back on Spotify!), 24K Magic by Bruno Mars, kinda by LANY (its an EP but I’m still counting it), In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith, and the Hamilton soundtrack.
  14. How many concerts have you been to in total? Too many to count! I want to say around 25?
  15. Who have you seen the most live? I’ve seen One Direction 4 times.
  16. What is your favorite movie soundtrack? The NERVE soundtrack is AMAZING. Also, I know this isn’t a movie but I want to mention the Hamilton soundtrack because it is my favorite and I’m very excited to see the musical later this year. 🙂
  17. What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wisened up? I don’t really know, I’ve had a lot of phases but I still continue to go through them! I haven’t really wisened up yet lol.
  18. What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ that you hate to admit liking? Taylor Swift. She just seems very fake as a person, so that’s why I don’t really admit that I like her music. However, she’s an amazing songwriter.

Tags are always fun to write! Thanks again Jennie for the nomination. 🙂 Anyone who wants to do this tag is welcome to, I’m not tagging anyone specific.

I better get back to finishing my summer school assignments, so I’ll wrap this post up here. I’m taking precalculus over the summer to get ahead in math, and I’ve been swamped with work for that class lately, so I haven’t been able to catch up on blogs. I promise I’ll get caught up soon! If anyone wants me to check out their blog, let me know in the comments!

– Bella

How I Found My Rock

Hey friends!

If you read my last post marking my official (hopefully permanent) return to the blogosphere, you’ll recall that I was unsure what to write about in future posts. I have decided that the best way to get me back into the swing of things was to blog about how my life has been for the past six months or so.

My life has changed a lot in the past six months, with the biggest change being that I have a boyfriend now. Rock and I started dating in November of last year. I have decided to name him Rock because, as cliche as this sounds, he is my rock.

I knew Rock for about two years before we started dating. We met through church, because we got confirmed together. However, we never really talked during that time. He had a girlfriend, who I also knew, and he didn’t really talk to anyone except for her and their friends.

He was super shy and him and his girlfriend were extremely clingy. I thought he hated me for a while, because he wouldn’t really talk to me and wouldn’t follow me back on Instagram whenever I requested. (I later found out this was because his girlfriend used his Instagram and it was actually her who would accept his follow requests.)

I remember actually talking to him for the first time last summer, when I sang in church choir. I showed up early to practice and one of the musicians “introduced” us to each other. I remember him giving me the biggest smile when he saw me when he told the musician that he knew me; it was the first time I had ever seen him smile that big. We had a small awkward conversation, and a couple days after, he requested to follow me on Instagram.

The next couple of months had similar small interactions; we were acquaintances who only talked when we saw each other. This all changed in October, when I posted something on my Instagram story advertising my Snapchat, and he added me.

About two weeks after he added me, I posted a selfie on Snapchat with my glasses on, which I usually don’t do. He responded to it, saying that I looked different. Confused, I asked him what he meant, and he responded saying that I looked cute with glasses on (“and without, of course”). We then started talking about other random things, and he brought up the fact that we didn’t talk all that much in general, so I gave him my number and we started texting.

We would text everyday until really late at night; we never ran out of things to talk about. There was one night when we got really personal; I told him everything that happened between Forest and I. Rock was one of the very few people who knew the whole story, and he never judged me. He told me the truth about what happened between him and his ex-girlfriend and the truth behind their relationship.

The first time we hung out was a week after we started texting. I went to my church festival to hang out with Egg and Dino, who came late. Egg and I hung out by ourselves for a little while when I saw Rock, who kept looking over at us while talking to his friends. When Dino finally came, I separated from them (they were about to get back together and I didn’t want to third wheel) and hung out with Rock.

Rock said he had some extra tickets so we rode some rides together, including one I was absolutely terrified of. When the ride started moving, I freaked out and grabbed onto his arm. He laughed at me the whole time and told me after that it was cute how scared I got. We had a great time that day and I realized that night that I had fallen for him.

We would hang out a couple more times after that, including going on a walk together around my neighborhood. I would stop a few times to take pictures of the sunset. Later that night, he texted me saying that he kept looking at me when I was taking pictures and liked my smile a lot.

My church friends were very aware of what was happening between Rock and I. They knew we both liked each other, so they played matchmaker and made plans for our group to hang out so Rock and I could get together. We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (excellent film), and it was halfway during the movie when Rock turned to me and confessed.

“So by now I’m guessing you know I like you.”

Not going to lie, I had the biggest smile on my face when he said that. “I like you too,” I replied.

It was a bit random, but something I will never forget. After confessing, he put his arm around me and we cuddled for the remainder of the movie. When the movie ended, he turned to me and thanked me for a great day and for making him happy. I responded with a kiss on his cheek. Then he kissed my forehead.

We’ve been going strong for seven months now, and I can honestly say these have been the happiest seven months of my life. I used to be scared of falling in love (I still am, sometimes), but Rock makes it seem less scary. He makes me the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. I can rely on him and trust him with anything.

There’s so much more to this story, but I figured I would stop here because it is getting a bit long. Thanks for reading and see you soon!



Hey friends!

I kept saying I’d come back, but I never did.

To those who followed me while I was on my (very extended) blogging break and those who forgot I even existed in the blogosphere (probably all of you lol), hello! My name is Bella. I’m a teenage blogger, but I don’t even know if I can consider myself one anymore because I haven’t even touched this blog in six months.

Truthfully, I got busy. And kind of lazy. I was being overloaded with schoolwork this second semester and focused primarily on that so I could raise my cumulative GPA right before applying to college. And yeah, it paid off. I got a 4.5 GPA this past semester – the highest GPA I’ve ever gotten.

I also have just been busy with real life. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family, friends, and boyfriend; I haven’t really had much time to sit down and type up a post.

However, after rereading some of my old posts tonight, as well as a casual comment from my little sister (“wouldn’t it be cool if you started a blog?”), I have decided to come back to the blogosphere. I’m not actually sure if I’ll be back (like I said, I’ve made a lot of promises but have yet to follow through), but here’s to hoping I will.

That being said, I have absolutely no idea what to blog about anymore. If anyone even reads this, please leave ideas on what you would want to hear from me. Thanks!

– Bella

Okay, Now I’m Back

Uh, hello? Is anyone still here? It’s me, Bella.

It has been almost two months since I’ve last touched this blog, after I said I would be back to writing consistently. I feel bad for not keeping my promise, but school is over for Christmas break, so now I can finally say I’m back and I will hopefully be consistent.

I’ve definitely missed this blog. I missed writing and I missed reading other people’s blogs and posts. I missed having an outlet to vent my thoughts and frustrations to.

The past few months have been nothing short of hectic, with school and life consuming every last bit of energy I had. There were days where I would get home at around 4 PM, start schoolwork, and not finish until 12 or 1 AM. There were also days where I would study hard for hours and still not get the grade I wanted on that test or quiz. Not to mention, the added pressures of maintaining a high GPA and getting good SAT scores and college stress and ugh. Junior year has screwed me over in every way possible.

The past few months haven’t been all that bad, though. There were some upsides to taking a break from the blog. I got to experience life without immediately thinking, “oh gosh, I better get home right away and blog about it.” My social life has been pretty eventful the past few months, and while I don’t feel like listing it all below, I may try to get some posts up in the near future.

One important thing worth mentioning, though, is the fact that I have a boyfriend now. And yes, writing that sentence was weird for me.

I don’t want to give too much away yet, because I’m planning on writing a post about him in a couple days. He is the boy I mentioned in the end of my last update post, so yes, things did work out between us. I’ve decided to name him Rock, for a few reasons, but mostly because he is my rock – I can trust him, rely on him, and count on him for anything.

Anyways, its good to finally be back! I meant to participate in blogmas but I guess I’m too late now, lol. Here’s to hoping I’ll actually keep my promise this time.

– Bella

Well, This Is Awkward

Today is November 4. The last time I posted on this blog was on September 25. And of course, my last post included an apology for being inactive and hoping that it would not happen again. Oops.

Anyways, hello friends! Allow me to reintroduce myself; my name is Bella. I’m a teen blogger currently residing in the United States, and this post marks my official return to the blogosphere.

First of all, I just wanted to say that I truly am sorry for being absent this past month. I’ll admit, life got very hectic and I honestly did not have time to log onto my computer and check my blog. Things haven’t quite calmed down yet, but I truly miss blogging, so I will try my best to prioritize this blog more. 🙂

(Also, shoutout to Elm for sending me the loveliest email and checking up on me. I’ll admit, if I hadn’t seen her email, I probably would not be writing this update post at this very moment.)

I don’t want to make this post incredibly wordy, so I’ll just give a brief bullet-point summary of everything that happened in my life this past month while I was away. I’ll most likely do individual posts on some of these events in the near future.

  • I saw Oh Wonder live on the 28th of September with Flash; I didn’t get to finish the show (long story), but they were amazing live!
  • I started sponsoring a less fortunate child through an organization I discovered at a charity event in the beginning of October.
    • While I was at said charity event, I had an unfortunate experience in which I got cat-called by two grown men. It was absolutely disgusting.
  • Remember Forest? He attempted to reach out to me again and apologize. Being the nice person I am, I forgave the kid, but he wanted to “pick things up where they left off” and tried to get with me again, so I cut ties.
  • I attended my school’s homecoming game and dance, and had the best time with my friends!
  • Two of my friends who dated in the past, Dino and Egg, might be getting back together and its a really complicated situation that I somehow got stuck in the middle of.
  • My grades are slowly continuing to slip and I need to save them because I have finals in a few weeks but it is seemingly impossible. Any study tips are greatly appreciated.
  • Finally, I started talking to this guy (I don’t have a nickname yet), and I think things might actually work out between us. He’s an amazing guy, a great friend, and he definitely has boyfriend potential… I’ll definitely keep you guys updated.

I think that’s it for now; I’m glad to be back on WordPress, I’ve really missed everyone on here! I’ll try my best to catch up on blogs as soon as I can. 🙂

– Bella

How To Procrastinate

Hello friends! I just wanted to apologize for, once again, being inactive on the blogosphere as of late. I’ve been slacking off when it comes to reading blogs especially. I literally go on WordPress to write a post and then disappear until its time to write another post, and I apologize for that! I’m trying to manage my time wisely and prioritize my schoolwork right now, but hopefully soon I will be able to get back on track.

(Oh, and to all my Huffleposts – I am SO sorry I’ve been inactive when it comes to taking part in challenges… I’ll hopefully try to help out very soon!)

So, anyways, about my inactivity: I’ve been trying very hard to get back on track when it comes to school. A couple posts ago I mentioned that my grades were starting to slip, which I really don’t want to happen because that would continue to make me more sad and anxious. I know what I need to do in order to raise them, but for some reason, I’m just not motivated to.

Take this weekend, for example. I knew I was going to be busy this weekend, but I still wanted to make time to start doing some of my homework so I would be stressing as much. I laid out a whole schedule for all three days and everything!

Friday night, I was supposed to finish my Spanish homework after coming home from my high school football game (we lost, by the way). It wasn’t a lot of homework since I had already started it in class, and I wanted to just get it out of the way because it was busywork.

Instead of finishing my homework like I had originally planned, I got home on Friday night and slept. I was exhausted, and I told myself I would just get it done the next day.

On Saturday, I had to do my Spanish homework from Friday night, as well as finish reading the book I had to read for English. My English grade is the worst of them all (C+ at the time of writing), so I need to finish this book in order to pass my test this week. I had a Church meeting in the morning, and a school dance later that night, so I hoped to get all this work done at my friend Dino’s house in between the two events.

Do you know what I did instead of doing my work? I took a nap at Dino’s house, watched Netflix, and got ready for the dance. I regret not even attempting to work on anything, because I knew that I would be too tired to do homework after the dance, which leads us to today.

Not only do I have Spanish and English homework, but I also have to read and study for a history quiz tomorrow as well. I meant to be productive today, even though I had another Church thing in the afternoon, but that failed. I woke up late and then proceeded to put off my homework by watching YouTube videos and playing around with one of those Popin’ Cookin’ sets with my sister.

I got home tonight at around 8:30 and was able to finish my Spanish homework, but I have yet to start history and English. It is currently 11:53 PM. I don’t think sleep is in my future tonight… Wish me luck!

Oh, and any tips on how not to procrastinate would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

– Bella

Random Question Tag

Hello friends! Thank you to all who took the time to read my last post and reach out to me; I am so grateful for this lovely, supportive community. I am currently seeking help from a therapist or counselor, so hopefully things will get better soon.

I’m going to be busy this weekend and won’t have much time to blog, so I figured I would do a tag. I think they’re pretty entertaining to read, and they don’t take too much time for me to write. Thanks Jennie for nominating me to do this tag a little while ago; I’m a little late, but late is better than never!

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. When is your birthday?
    December 21st, which is four days before Christmas!
  2. What are three of your favorite colors?
    Lavender, mint green, and navy blue.
  3. What are three of your favorite quotes?
    I have way too many, but they’re all either song lyrics I can’t think of or Bible verses. Here’s my three-day quote challenge from a while back if you’re actually curious to know what specific quotes I like.
  4. Are you addicted to YouTube?
    I used to be obsessed in seventh grade. I even met a few Youtubers at a meet-up once. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed now, because I rarely go on. If I do go on, though, I’ll either be watching Buzzfeed videos or Ellen videos.
  5. What are 3 of your favorite shows on TV or YouTube or both?
    Friends, Parks and Recreation, and Stranger Things, which I just finished recently.
  6. What are 3 qualities you like in a best friend?
    Reliable, adventurous, and loyal.
  7. Do you like your name?
    Its a fairly common name, but yes, I do like it.
  8. If you have the choice to pick your own name, what will it be?
    I’ve always loved the name Nova. I regret not making my blogging alias Nova when I first started out.
  9. What is your fantasy dream?
    I dream about my 18th birthday a lot, since I’m throwing a huge, sweet-sixteen-style party.
  10. Do you wear make-up?
    Yes! I recently started wearing make-up regularly this school year; I don’t put on a full face, but my routine basically consists of concealer, foundation, mascara, and sometimes eyeliner if I’m feeling it.
  11. If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about?
    I love to write, and I have so many story ideas! I actually have an idea right now; it would be called “Serendipity” and tell the story of six teenagers who, by a certain stroke of luck or fate, have good things happen to them. It’s kind of lame, but whatever.
  12. What makes you cry?
    I will literally cry at anything.
  13. What makes you angry?
    Seeing things like racism, sexism, and plain ignorance alive and well in today’s society makes me so angry.
  14. What makes you happy?
    New experiences.
  15. What is “fangirling”?
    Obsessing over a certain person or object and acting like their biggest fan, as if you knew everything about them.
  16. What are your three favorite snacks?
    Cookies, pizza bites, and fries.
  17. What are your three favorite foods?
    Mac n cheese, tacos, and rice.
  18. What are your three favorite drinks?
    Water, milk, and the iced caramel coconut macchiato from Starbucks.
  19. What are 10 random facts about yourself?
    Oh, man. I’m exhausted and I don’t think I can even think of 10. Let’s try:

    1. I’m left-handed.
    2. I have my own car, but I do not have my permit.
    3. I was actually born outside of the US and was able to move here when I was little.
    4. I once took a sewing class and made my own pajamas.
    5. I hate birds.
    6. Due to my baby face, many people have mistaken me for a 10-to-12 year olds.
    7. I might meet some of the cast of Stranger Things in a month.
    8. My parents are separated.
    9. I have been to six different places all over the United States in the span of a year.
    10. It is currently 11:22 PM here and I’m absolutely exhausted, even though I got my 8 hours.

My eyes are literally closing as I type this, so I’ll probably just end it first. Goodnight and goodbye, friends!

– Bella

It All Gets A Little Too Much

Ever since school started, I’ve felt… Different. My sleeping pattern is irregular, I’m overloaded with responsibilities, and I feel like I’m drifting apart from some of my best friends. I can feel my mental health declining as a result.

I’ve never been a big fan of change, so adjusting from summer to school has always been hard on me. However, I usually get over it a couple weeks into the school year. I’m nearing the end of my fifth week of school, and its only getting worse. I don’t think this is normal.

I began having anxiety attacks recently. At least, I think they’re anxiety attacks; I’ve never experienced any before, so I don’t want to make any assumptions. They were pretty minor at first – I remember being at school during lunch or at the mall with friends and feeling uncomfortable and in fear. I started to notice that my breathing was irregular and my whole body went numb. I could feel tears coming, but I tried my best to combat them, because I didn’t want to cry in public.

Last night, and tonight, I had a full-on meltdown. I couldn’t even tell you why it happened. I just remember lying down after a long day and checking my school website. A teacher had just put in a grade so I went to check which class it was. Next thing I know, my whole body just went numb. I started to shake and tears just came out of me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I just felt scared.

I was able to calm down after getting some tips from my friend Crown over text, and calling my friend Peanut on the phone and just letting it all out. I’m so glad that they’re always there for me, even though I don’t talk to them as much as I used to due to the fact that they’re busy in college.

Even though they helped me, I feel like I can’t rely on them forever. I don’t know why I keep feeling this way, and I don’t think this is healthy. I need help… I already asked my mom about finding a counselor and she said she would try, but she’s been so swamped with work and other commitments so she hasn’t been able to. She told me to talk to my guidance counselor in the meantime, but I don’t trust my counselor. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to keep holding this in, I don’t want to burden my friends or family every time this happens, and sometimes I don’t feel like writing everything out on my blog. Sometimes I need to talk to someone and hear their voice in order to feel better.

I’m sorry this post was all over the place. I just started writing out how I was feeling, and this was the result. Hopefully I’ll be back with a more cheerful post soon.

– Bella

Working With Kids

Hello friends! I recently got involved with a local children’s museum, because I wanted to get community service done somewhere different instead of the usual hospital. I absolutely love to help and talk to other people, so I decided that this volunteer position at this children’s museum was right up my alley. I had my first shift a couple weeks ago, and let me say, I had an amazing time!

Immediately after getting into the program, I signed up for the first available opportunity I could find so I could start getting my hours in. At first, I dreaded waking up early on a Saturday to go work. I was tired, hungry, and a little cranky upon arriving to the museum, mostly due to the fact that I was ten minutes late.

My late arrival was not that big of a deal, though, because the museum hadn’t opened yet and the employees were still getting settled. I was immediately handed a shirt to change into and a name tag (they could not find the name tag machine so my name for the day was Rainbow).

I worked a shift with three other girls around my age. At first, it was a bit intimidating, because they all knew each other from past volunteering events. I felt a little left out as we were setting up, because there was not much to keep me busy and I had no one to talk to.

The kids started arriving at around 10 AM and immediately lifted my spirits. They were all so cute! We worked on arts and crafts with the kids for about three hours or so, and I genuinely enjoyed it.

I’ll admit, I’m not too big on kids. I don’t hate them, but I’m not that great at interacting with younger children. The beginning of the shift proved to be a bit of a challenge for me, because I was unsure of how to talk to these kids. They weren’t old enough for me to use language I would normally use; hell, most of them couldn’t even read, and had to ask me to dictate certain words and phrases for them!

Along the way I discovered that the best method of working with these kids is just to watch them do their thing, because when they start doing their arts and crafts they get very much into it. I would hand them different supplies and materials whenever they asked, and I complimented their designs once they were finished with them.

I ended up meeting so many children that day, but there were a few who stuck out to me. I remember, there were two family friends came in together; one of them had a son and the other had a daughter. The boy was so sweet and considerate towards the little girl; it was the cutest thing. They were only four years old, but I shipped them so hard.

There were also these two girls, who were maybe about six, and while they were working, they started asking me and the other volunteers about the other activities that were taking place at the museum event. One of the activities was ballroom dancing lessons; when I explained this to the girls, they immediately made faces and said that ballroom dancing meant dancing with boys, who had “cooties”. They said they would never dance with boys, even though both of them had boyfriends… I was a bit confused, but mostly amused. They were too cute.

I also encountered a future prankster during my shift. He wrote the words “Butt King” in big letters on his design, and when his mom saw what he had written he just looked at me and laughed before running around, repeating the phrase “Butt King”. He definitely made my day so much better.

I even got to know the other volunteers as the shift progressed; the girls were actually very kind, even though we really talk much outside of our break times.

Overall, my first experience working with younger kids was a positive one. They’re all so innocent and pure, and their positive outlook on life has inspired me. I remember being young and having that wonder and curiosity about the world; now, I get to educate these kids and urging them to continue to think and be curious. Knowing that I am teaching and inspiring these kids makes me feel so good inside; here’s to hoping that the rest of my volunteer experiences will be just as great.

– Bella

PS: Sorry for the basic post title and the potential spelling and grammar errors… I’m absolutely exhausted and can’t think straight!

Dear Forest

Its been about a month since we’ve spoken last, and I’m glad I can finally say that I’m over you.

I’ll admit, since you ended things, I’ve spent so much time crying over you, dwelling on the past, and wishing it had turned out differently. I found myself missing you at the most random times, like when I started watching your favorite TV show, when your favorite song came on shuffle, or when I couldn’t sleep and had no one to talk to. You shook me, broke me, and made me feel empty for a while.

Then, I found out how you played me. I was too naive to realize it in the past, but now it is plain to see that you didn’t really care about me. You never liked me, but you liked having me around. I was a toy to you, someone you could hit up every time you were bored and someone who could satisfy you, romantically and sexually.

I was so ready to give everything to you, and it makes me sick knowing that I almost did. You used me and manipulated me with your words. You made me believe that you actually wanted to get to know me and worked hard to break down the walls I had built from not wanting to develop feelings for anyone. You lied to me by saying you loved me and that I was special to you, even though I knew I was only special because I boosted your ego.

You weren’t even that great. I know that one day, I’ll find someone so much better than you. I’ll find someone who will actually love me for me, not just my appearance or my body. I’ll find someone who will respect me and care for me, unlike you. For now, I’m fine on my own. I don’t need or to make me happy. In fact, I don’t need anyone to make me happy.

Thanks for wasting my time for five months, Forest. I hope that, if we meet again, you’ll finally grow up and apologize for the way you treated me. I hope that, in the future, you won’t mess with another girl and fuck her over the same way you did to me.

I’m glad to say that any romantic feelings for you are long gone. I don’t miss you at all anymore and I don’t get tempted to text you and try and work things out. I guess its the changing of the seasons, because I don’t love you anymore.

Hello friends! This was not the usual, happy blog post, and I apologize for that. I just felt that an updatery post about Forest was necessary, because so much has happened since that original post I wrote about him.

I also needed to get these feelings out, especially since I haven’t really been able to talk this out with anyone in particular. They’re a bit all over the place and maybe not the most coherent of thoughts, but it did feel good to finally let this out. It was a bit vague, but I think you might be able to get the gist of what actually happened.

Also, I just really wanted an excuse to use that Two Door Cinema Club line at the end.

– Bella